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Joan's Joy is providing a program to educate teachers and students on preventing, recognizing and reporting child abuse to  all Hillsdale schools. Here is some information on the program.
Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Information
Brief history: The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center has a history of providing training to professionals who investigate and prosecute crimes against children and to those professionals who help children heal. For more than two decades, we have hosted the internationally-recognized Crimes Against Children Conference. In 201 5, we had just under 4,000 attendees from all over the U.S. and 18 foreign countries. We seek to leverage our experience as experts in the field to help child-serving agencies better protect their organization, staff and ultimately, children. To this end, we have developed professionally-produced, video-based curricula to address a gap in the marketplace for comprehensive child protection training.
Our Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse (36 minutes) is designed for professionals working with children on a regular basis and includes information on the realities of child abuse, how to recognize physical and behavioral signs of the various forms of child maltreatment (sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence), grooming behaviors, and how to make a report of suspected abuse.
Como Reconocer y Reportar el Abuso Hacia Menores (41 minutes) is a culturally-relevant program for Latino audiences. It includes the same topics as our first program as well as information related to machismo, fear of law enforcement, and barriers to reporting.
The Parent/Child Curriculum, includes Keeping Your Children Safe in the Real and Virtual World (27 minutes) and You Are Not Alone (10 minutes, for children ages 8-13). This program guides parents on how to talk to children about personal safety as well as the realities of child abuse and grooming behaviors of perpetrators.
All of our programs offer flexibility in training as organizations can choose to facilitate face-to-face presentations via DVD or invite people online to complete training at www.trainingcenter.net. The online component not only offers compliance tracking but also the ability to generate certificates of completion automatically. The organization administrator will have the ability to track who has and has not taken the course. Each of our programs also includes supplemental materials, available in hard copy for a fee or a free download via the online subscription, included as part of the initial curriculum


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